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High Care Clinic

High Care Clinic


We are a team of professionals who take themselves and nature seriously. We believe that beauty can be earned by following a high care routine and investing in your health and wellbeing- the results will speak for themselves! We strongly believe in the Weyergans High Care® concepts and use their technology to look after not just our physical appearance, but wellbeing also.

We take a holistic approach as we believe that beauty is a combination of everything; a positive outlook, healthy lifestyle, exercise (both physical and mental), and non-stop work on your health and beauty- because let's get real changes don't happen overnight.

Our mission is to help others to realise their full potential and maintain an attractive and youthful look. Here at High Care clinic, we strongly believe that this can be achieved by following Hight Care® concepts and approach.

In our clinic, you will also find other services outside of High Care that we believe are effective. We provide referrals for invasive treatments, such as Botox and lip fillers; Plastic surgery, including face and body augmentation; Fitness and personalised diet plans.